Our Partners

Produce Sales

Bumbleberry Acres – Only a mile or two from the Farm at 6785 Baseline Road, South Haven, our friends Beth and Brian Bocock, and their family, have a bakery, animals for the kids to visit, and in the fall. r fun stuff. Open seasonally, so click on the link to check out hours.

Village Farm Stand – Evanston, Illinois. Order online. Carries our blueberries in July and August. They go fast!

Wild Onion Market – Rogers Park, Illinois. In-store. Carries our blueberries in July and August. They go fast!


Black Sheep Shelter – We are big fans of owners Jeff and Melissa and recommend their place as an outdoor wedding venue, regardless of whether you stay at our farm.


Please beware that during high tourist season, you’ll need to plan ahead for dinner. Takeout and long lines start kicking in around 5:00 pm. The farm has a grill and a wonderful deck, which creates better ambiance than anything you can get in town, though.


Orchard People - Susan Poizner is an extraordinary communicator, which makes her approach to orcharding different -- and more helpful -- than a lot of other experts. She knows how to distill complext farming matters so that you can build your knowledge from them, not get lost in them.