Kick Back

Sunrise Porch and Blueberries
Kick Back

A farm is a peaceful place in your mind, the territory of tranquility. It’s a space for breathing in a life that moves anaerobically fast. It’s a farmhouse for family, friends. A barn to remind you that we’re not just living in this moment. We’re also living in an accumulation of all moments. A farm is a field to remind you of the value of being down to earth, grounded. Centered when so many other forces try to pull you back into pandemonia.

Hymn of a Homestead

There’s a hymn here that plays in the background: The sound of robins chuckling to one another, frogs clucking in the pond, or to the hush of wind through the giant pines. Add your voice to the choir. Or sing solo. Or sing in other ways: Play. Write. Sleep. Walk. Laugh. Eat. Breathe. Listen.

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Farm Report-The Blues Are Due

We went into this week ready to harvest and had to delay because the blueberries just weren't out yet. We had wonderful clusters of white berries but the drought in May and June seemed to stop them from developing further.

The Blueberries are Coming

The blueberries are on their way. Normally, that wouldn't be big news, but this year's spring drought has been brutal. According to the NOAA, last month was the 5th driest May on record in 129 years here in Allegan County. That's enough to make any battle-hardened farmer almost cry.

Grappling with Apples

Talk about growing fruit in Michigan's Fruit Belt with other farmers and the conversation almost always turns to pests. This bug. That blight. Moths. You name it. I hear a lot about "you know, you can't grow fruit, especially apples, without spraying." Well you can.