The Farm

After returning as a soldier in World War I, in 1928, Philip Wagner and his wife Adeline bought this expanse of farmland for growing blueberries and raised their family in the farmhouse. The family later sold all property to neighboring blueberry farmers except eight acres at the corner of 103rd Avenue and 68th Street. Over the decades, the remaining eight acres became overgrown, and the buildings fell into disrepair.

Since buying the property, we’ve been changing that. We’re rebuilding a place consistent with our values. For example, the farmhouse has a mix of modern appliances where needed (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry) and vintage furnishings. Many of the farmhouse’s touches have been restored or upcycled from the farm. For example, Katelyn made the headboards to beds from wood found, cleaned, and refurbished from the barn. We installed a sliding glass door and deck off the kitchen for family gatherings.

The small cottage in back used to be a chicken coop. Just about everything in it has been updated. We reserve the cottage for our use.

Also onsite are four worker huts and a barn. We’re in the process of replacing them where we have to and fixing them where we can.

Outside, we’re planting fruit trees, sugar maples for syrup, and wildflowers for pollinators. About one acre of original blueberries remain behind the cottage. We invite our guests to pick a few pints for themselves when they’re out (typically mid-July until mid-September).

Farmhouse Dining Room