Farm Hands

Cam is the CFO (chief farming officer…) of North Sky. He’s spent his 40-year career protecting the Great Lakes. He works on making Great Lakes coastlines more resilient and is an elected official. He taught at the University of Michigan Law School and believes agriculture—from planting, to producing, to purchasing—if done right, is one of the best ways for people to restore the planet. He’s also an author, philosopher, and activist.

Katelyn is our interior design mastermind and a lot more. She salvages old stuff from the property and upcycles it into elegant, yet down-to-earth pieces used in the farmhouse and elsewhere. She’s a child psychologist by training and is currently experimenting with making blueberry wine.

Sage is a hiker, fencer, and music composer. One day he will produce a sublime soundtrack to accompany our work on the farm.

Orion is named after the constellation sometimes seen in the night sky at the farm, and nicknamed “Rio.” She loves animals of all kinds. She tends the chickens at the farm, Queen Elizabeth (“Liz”) the pig, and other critters. One of her current ambitions is to turn North Sky Farm’s pond into wildlife habitat.

Whiskey the dog is everyone’s friend and our “foster fail” (we failed at fostering and adopted him when he was rescued from Kentucky in 2021).

Cam, Sage, Rio, Cate, and Whiskey (the dog)